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[Medical Information Reference]

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The "Medical Information Reference" is a standard MS Windows Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) help file containing medical constants, conversions, and other related information. Some of the information includes food / dietary pages which are suitable for handing out to patients. All of the health data and calculators from this web site are also included.

G.I.F.T. Medical Information can be downloaded after viewing the Licence Agreement.

See Also: Health Data Index

Current Topics

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General Medical Information

Blood Pressure
Fat Pads
Fitness Rates
Glascow Coma Scale
Medical Measurement Units
Metabolic Rates

Female Recommended Dietary Intakes
Lactating Female Recommended Dietary Intakes
Male Recommended Dietary Intakes
Pregnant Female Recommended Dietary Intakes


Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator
Body Mass Index Calculator
Body Surface Area Calculator
Calories used by Task
Cost of Smoking Calculator 

Glomerular Filtration Rate
Heart Risk Calculator
Hip Waist Ratio Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Wind Chill Calculator 

Food / Dietary Information

Alcohol Content
Dangerous Food Additives
Food Additive Functions

Food Additives List
Food Storage Duration
Food Serving Sizes 


Topics Under Construction

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4 Page list of common food specifications
Complete listing of Food Additives with ANZFA Warnings
Conversion calculators for all medical units
Heart Rate Calculator