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This tutorial in Microsoft Windows Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) file format is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing MS Windows help files. It contains hundreds of tips for making the most of the Microsoft Windows operating system and it's applications, and includes a wealth of information on general computing and related technology. Includes over 800 images / multimedia clips as well as dynamic links that assist in navigation through the various topics. Also includes all of the content of the "Introduction to Computers Tutorial".

Alpha release available ~early 2009

MS Windows Topics

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Configuring / Tuning Windows
Finding Files
Hardware Profiles
Installing MS Windows
Quick Tips
User Profiles
Windows Applets
Windows Applications

Windows Control Panel
Windows Desktop
Windows Explorer
Windows Icons
Windows Start Menu
Windows Tools
Windows Versions & Requirements


General Computing Topics 

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Backing Up Data
Buying a Computer
Computer Cables
Computer Connections
Computer File Extensions
Computer Gaming
Computing Acronyms
Computing / Technology Glossary
Configuring E-Mail Applications
Configuring Internet Connections
Connecting Peripherals
Digital Camera / Scanners

Font Comparisons
Keyboard Layouts and Shortcuts
Keyboard Functions
Local Area Networks
Macros / Scripting Languages
Media Types (CD's / DVD's / Floppy's / etc)
Pointing Device Types and functions
Understanding Data Capacities
USB Devices
Web Site Design 


Technology Topics

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Barcode Scanners
Mobile Phones
Peripheral Connections

Personal Data Assistants 



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Audio Editors
Choosing Software 
Computer Aided Design
Communications / Fax Software
Computer Programming
Desk Top Publishing
Digital Image Editors
Exchanging Data between Applications

Music Editors (MIDI)
System Diagnostic Tools
System Maintenance Tools
Video / Multimedia Editors
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Web Page Editors
Word Processors



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Knight Moves

Slide Puzzle