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G.I.F.T. Table is a small application for viewing text based tabular data. Uses minimal system requirements and comes with a large selection of common tables (many of the tables from the data section of this site are included).

Note! Version (1.2) is now available and includes 60 table files.

Main Screen

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  • Includes a large number of tables from the HTML data section of this web site.
  • Data can be exchanged between most spreadsheets.
  • Minimal system requirements (Win 95b or later).
  • Additional tables are available for download. see below

Screen shot of G.I.F.T. Table.

Additional Data Packs

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These data packs are contained within password protected archives. Several types of package are available with the listing of their contents outlined on the "Data" page.

See Also: Data Files

Development Stage

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Available from downloads page after previewing the licence agreement.

Version 1.3 Under Construction
New Features
Allow font & background colour / style changes.
Export table to stand alone HTML file.
Tables List can be either "list" or "tree" view.