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There are thousands of computer related terms, and, as many of them do not adhere to the standard definitions for acronyms / abbreviations, locating their meaning can be a minefield for both novice and professional computer users. G.I.F.T. Geek Speak is a one stop alternative to locating these terms.

Main Screen

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  • Includes 13 different types of data (see databases below).
  • Data can be filtered from one or more databases, and the individual fields from each database.
  • All data is held within the executable file for easy installation and copying between computers.
  • Internet links will automatically open the default Internet Browser when clicked.
  • Term selection is handled by an "Auto Complete" Combo Box so the entire tern does not need to be entered.
  • Context sensitive help, and "pop up" hints to help with learning the interface.
  • Over 13 000 terms included in the databases.
  • Requires minimal resources (Win 98 or later)

Screen shot of G.I.F.T. Geek Speak.


Included Databases

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  • Abbreviations: Terms derived from one or more of the characters of a title.
  • Acronyms: Terms that are created using the first letter of each prominent word of the phrase.
  • Communications: Terms used within the communications industry.
  • Countries: Country Internet extensions, 2 and 3 letter abbreviations, ISO Codes.
  • File Extensions: The characters after the period (full stop) in the filename.
  • Filenames: The name and extension assigned to a file.
  • Glossary: Explanations of single and multiple word terms.
  • Miscellaneous: Terms not listed in other categories.
  • Organisations: Titles of prominent organisations and their acronyms and/or abbreviations.
  • Smiley's: One or more characters use to reflect emotions in text messages.
  • Symbols: Characters or terms that define objects, or variables.
  • Text Messaging: Shortcuts used with mobile phone text messages.
  • Web Links: Prominent web sites such as search engines and organisations.

Development Stage

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Current status: "File extensions", "Filenames" databases still under construction. Help file incomplete. Setup program incomplete.

For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.