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The basic function of G.I.F.T. Food is to record details of a person dietary intake / exercise regime and display the results in graphic or textual format. Additional tools are provided to assist in analysing the constituents of foods / products against any known medical conditions and producing reports of any possible adverse effects. It includes a database of over 7000 common food specifications from the United States Department of Agriculture, and the database of all common food additives from the European Codex, and Australia and New Zealand Food Authority. It also allows groups (of persons) to be created, and reports generated of any specific reaction to foods or additives categorised by effect or by individual members.


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  • Records a persons physical dimensions (height, weight, hip, waist, thigh, chest, biceps and skull measurements).
  • Records a persons known adverse reactions to foods / additives.
  • Produces reports / graphs of recorded data.
  • Groups of persons can be created and their records analysed as a group.
  • Diets can be created from the foods database (over 7000 items) and analysed.
  • Exercise regimes can be created from a database of exercises and analysed based on a persons recorded dimensions.
  • All databases can be customised by the user.
  • Products database for pre-packaged food.
  • Database of food additive information.

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Current Development State

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Current status: Application complete except for "Diets" and "Groups". Help file incomplete, Setup program incomplete.

For development version or further information or technical specifications contact the author(s).

For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.