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G.I.F.T. Font is an application to manage and view groups of True Type Font files without having to install them into the MS Windows operating system.
There are six main panels with three being devoted to the location of fonts / font groups, two devoted to viewing the selected in various manners, and one for setting the options / preferences.

Main Screen (Browser / Sample Panels)

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Browser Panel
This panel contains "Explorer" style controls for navigating to a specific location within the file system and displaying any fonts within that location.

Sample Panel
This panel displays any selected fonts using a user editable sample. It can also display information encoded within the font file (Font Family, Sub Family, Version, Creator, Copyright, Trademark, etc) and file system information (Location, Size, Date / Time, Attributes, etc).
These details can be saved to an external file, or exported in HTML format suitable for uploading to a web site.

Screen shot of Browser and Sample panels. Click for larger image.

Main Screen (Installed / Character Grid Panels)

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Installed Panel
This panel displays the list of all true type fonts currently installed within the MS Windows operating system.

Character Grid Panel
This panel displays all printable characters (32 - 255) of a font in a 14 x 16 cell grid. Standard styles (Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikeout) can be applied to the characters, and the size of the characters can be set to the maximum available area. The grid can also be exported to text (Rich Text Format) or to a HTML page with the grid converted to a digital image.

Screen shot of Installed Fonts and Character Grid panels. Click for larger image.

Main Screen (Groups / Options Panels)

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Groups Panel
This panel displays the contents of a saved list of font files. Functions are provided to move / copy all of the files within a group, so they can be included within a CD/ DVD / Web site.

Options Panel
Contains controls to customise G.I.F.T. Font, such as the default file / folder locations, methods for how the font filename is displayed and exported, and other export settings.

Screen shot of Group and Options panels. Click for larger image.

Development Stage

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Current status, Application complete, Help file incomplete, Setup file incomplete.

For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.