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G.I.F.T. Converter is a measurement unit converter with the ability to define custom conversions as a formula.

Main Screen

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  • Capable of over 10 000 different conversions in standard form.
  • Non standard units can be hidden if not required.
  • History of all conversions can be viewed, saved or printed.
  • Includes information on each conversion unit.
  • Uses formulas for calculation for non linear conversions.
  • Can be set to stay on top of other applications.
  • Also contains a list of Math and Physics constants.
  • 65 Different categories of conversions.

Screenshot of G.I.F.T. Converter.

Data File Editor

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Conversion data files contain information about the unit as well as the conversion formula. G.I.F.T. Converter has a built in editor to create custom conversion files, or edit the existing files.

Screenshot of G.I.F.T. Converter (Data Editor).

Converter Data Files

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There are two packs of conversions, the standard pack which contains 14 of the most common categories, and the "Advanced" pack which contains an additional 51 categories plus additional (obscure, ancient, and region specific) units for the standard categories.

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Development Stage

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Current status: High numeric precision calculations under construction, incomplete help file for "data editor", some conversion data files still under construction.
For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.