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G.I.F.T. Character Map is a small application to view the characters using a specific font, and to create selections of characters with different attributes and styles, for pasting into applications that do not natively provide this functionality.

Main Screen

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  • Displays characters at any point size.
  • Multiple characters, each having its own font, colour and style can be chained together and exported to the MS Windows Clipboard or as a stand alone RTF / HTML / bitmap files.
  • Displays the "Alt Sequence", type, HTML code and name of each character.
  • Large font size allows easy selection of characters with accents (eg ò,ó,ô,õ,ö).
  • Can be docked at either the top or left of the screen so it works like an extension of a rich text editor.
  • Saves the last 10 character selections between sessions.
  • Saves the last 10 styles applied between sessions.



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G.I.F.T. Character Map supports dragging and dropping of formatted selections between the Microsoft Windows "Word Pad" which turns it into a more capable editor.

It is ideal for creating text based logos for web sites as it can exports native HTML code, and can also save the created characters as a stand alone web page.

It can be installed to a users system, or run from a removable storage device such as CD's, DVD,s or Memory Sticks.

Screenshot of G.I.F.T. Character Map with WordPad.

Development Stage

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Beta version undergoing final testing
For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.