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G.I.F.T. CD Lister works in the background to record the contents (files / folders) when a CD / DVD is inserted into a drive which allows files located on removable media to be cataloged. It stores the file details under the volume name of the CD / DVD, and includes three user definable fields which can be used to record the physical location where the media is stored. As all of the attributes of the files / folders are also stored, it can be locate the latest version of a specific file.

Main Screen

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  • Automatically monitors removable drives.
  • Records the attributes of the file so the latest version of a file can be found.
  • Has three user customisable fields to record the physical location where the removable media is stored.
  • Can also be used to record contents of fixed drives, or folders within fixed drives.
  • Data files can be exported to text based lists.
  • Minimum system requirements (Win 95b and above)

Screen shot of G.I.F.T. CD Lister

Development Stage

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Current Status: Application requires updating to media "hook" to work in XP SP2 and above. Help file incomplete. Setup Program incomplete.
For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.