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G.I.F.T. Booter is an application to create graphical "auto run" menus for CD's / DVD's. Any bitmap, GIF or JPG file can be used, and hotspots can be defined to perform actions when a region of the image is clicked on. It provides functions to access the MS Windows shell so that any file type registered with the user's operating system can be activated automatically, and also includes several special codes for items such as "minimise", "maximise / restore", and "Browse CD with Explorer".

Main Screen

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  • Allows any CD / DVD to included a graphical menu.
  • No limit on the number of "hot spot" regions.
  • Regions are highlighted when cursor moves over them.
  • Special codes to "minimise", "maximise / restore"
  • Image can be set to automatically stretch to fit users screen size.
  • Supports Bitmap, GIF, and JPG images.
  • Minimal system requirements (95b or later)

Screen shot of G.I.F.T. Booter. 

Development Stage

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Current Status: Application complete. External editor for "autorun" script files under construction. Help file incomplete. Setup program incomplete.
For expected release date refer to the Software / Data / Booklet Release dates page.