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This calculator will perform unit conversions where the result is obtained by simple multiplication.

  1. Select the conversion category from the top combo box. To limit the number of conversion units displayed, uncheck the "Show all available units" checkbox.
  2. Enter the value to convert in the "From" edit control.
  3. Select the unit that the value is to be converted from in the list underneath the "From" edit control.
  4. Select the unit to convert the value to from the list underneath the "To" edit control.
  5. Press the "Convert" button the calculate the new value. This step is only required when the "From" value is changed. When selecting "to" or "From" units the conversion is performed automatically without pressing the "Convert" button.

The history of conversions listed underneath the converter can be cleared by pressing the "Clear History" button.
The icons at the right of the controls allow data to be exchanged with the "Cookie Clipboard".
Note!Temperature conversions are not linear, and can be performed at the "Temperature Converter".

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Show all available units




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For a wider range of conversion units and greater precision see G.I.F.T. Converter.