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When an E-Mail address is included on a web page in standard for it can be "harvested" by web robots for inclusion on spamming lists. Javascript can be used to create the E-Mail link (and the visible hypertext on the page) as a series of "escape" codes which hides the address from most web robots. The only pitfall is that any visitor to your web page not having javascript will not be able to use the hyperlink, or see the textual link on the page. To get around this limitation, take a screen shot of your E-Mail address and include it as an image with the HTML code between "<noscript>" tags eg. "<noscript><img src="MyEMailImage.gif"></noscript>"

See Also: Javascript Escape / Unescape



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E-Mail Address (portion before "@" character:

Internet Service Provider's URL (portion after "@" character:

Sample of how E-Mail address will appear:

Style for Hyperlink (leave blank if no class is defined):

Title for hyperlink (used as E-Mail Subject by some Browsers):

Javascript code:
Copy this code to the clipboard and paste it into your HTML source code at the desired position.

Enter the required information in the controls and click "Generate Code" to compile the escape codes. Select all of the text in the "Javascript Code" memo control and paste it into the desired position of your HTML document. (anywhere where there is textual content which is visible on the viewed page.).

Press the "View in Browser" button to test the E-Mail link in a "Pop Up" Browser window.

This code does not require any external Javascript files to function.

E-Mail Address Image

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This is not a hyperlink, it is an image.The image at the right is a GIF with a transparent background designed to look like text on the page. Add some text close to the image so that the visitor will know that it is not a hyperlink. Your visitors will still have to type the address in manually, but at least it will appear on the page, and it wont be harvested for spamming.

Note! If you create a normal hyperlink to your mail address from this image, it will be able to be seen by the web robots and possibly harvested.


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The data on this page requires that "Javascript" is enabled within your Browser.