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There are several types of measurement unit converter available with the difference between them being either, the number of defined units, or whether the conversion is performed by simple multiplication (eg 1mm * 25.4 = 1 inch), or by a formula (1ºC = 5/9 ºF - 32). In the links for each type below, the size of the page in kilobytes appears in square brackets "[]" at the right of the link.

Note! All converters are programmed in "Javascript" and therefore require that "Javascript" is enabled in the Browser.
Note! All pages allow conversion values to be copied and pasted to the "Cookie Clipboard" (requires "Cookies" to be enabled.)

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Simple Converter

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The simple (linear formula) converters are split into three separate levels (pages), with the difference being the number of conversion categories and units available. They have been split up this way as the number of units in the intermediate and advanced converters may overwhelm the average user, and the download times increase with each level.

Linear Converter

Note! Items not hyperlinked are under construction and scheduled to be uploaded early February 2009.


Complex Converters

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Fuel Consumption Calculator
Temperature Converter


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