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There are many web sites that provide both calculators and specifications / properties data, but few have combined the two to make the task of working out equations easier (and more foolproof). Hopefully these pages will assist in solving some of the common engineering, electronic and math calculations. There are several other sites which also provide similar pages, and these are listed in the G.I.F.T. Recommended Internet Links page.

The controls within Calculator, Interactive, and Unit Converter pages can have their results copied / pasted from a Cookie Clipboard so values can be exchanged easily between pages.

The data included on this web site is divided into five main categories as outlined below.

  • Calculators: These pages present the formula, solved for each of its variables, and use Javascript to calculate the unknown variables, in addition, the measurement unit for each variable can be adjusted individually so most calculations can be completed within the one page.
  • Interactive: Pages where results are obtained by selecting values / constants / properties from a data set, which are then further processed using Javascript to produce the result.
  • Lists: Dynamic (expanding / collapsing) hierarchical "tree" style single column lists and definitions.
  • Tabular: Tables (multiple column lists) where the data can benefit by being compared with other related values.
  • Unit Converters: Conversions between different measurement units within a defined category.

See Also: Alphabetical Data Index, Using the Calculators.


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