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[Geometric Symbols]

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Many math / geometry / engineering texts use symbols to represent one or more geometric symbols, or the relationship between geometric objects.

See Also: Mathematical Symbols

Geometrical Symbols

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Represents any angle.

Angle Symbol.

Represents the x (horizontal) & y (vertical) coordinates of a point.

Position Symbol.

Circle; Circular
Represents that the object referred to is circular.

Circle, Circular Symbol.

Concentric circles
Represents that the circles referred to share a common centre point.

Concentric Circles Symbol.

Represents that the line referred to is the diameter of a circle.

Circle Diameter Symbol.

Parallel to
Represents that the lines referred to are parallel in the same plane.

Parallel To Symbol.

Represents that both sets of opposing sides of a four sided plane figure (quadrilateral) are of equal length, and has both sets of opposite angles equal.

Parallelogram Symbol.

Perpendicular to
Represents that the intersection of two lines are at 90º, also described as being perpendicular.

Perpendicular To Symbol.

Represents that the area referred to is a quadrant of a circle. A quadrant is the portion of a circle that has an included angle of 90º.

Quadrant Symbol.

Represents that the line referred to is a radius of a circle. A radius is the line from a centre of a circle to any point on the circumference.

Radius Symbol.

Right angle triangle
Represents that the triangle referred to is a "right angled" triangle". A right angle triangle has one angle at 90º.

Right Angled Triangle Symbol.

Represents that the arc referred to is exactly half of the circumference of a circle.

Semicircle Symbol. Semicircle Symbol.

Semicircular Rule
Used to represent that the angle created at the vertex of two lines drawn from either end of the diameter of a circle have an included angle of 90º (a right angle).

Semicircle Rule Symbol.

Symmetrical; Symmetry
Represents that the objects referred to are symmetrical about an axis.

Symmetrical Symbol.

Tangent to
Represents that the line referred to in tangental and only intersects the circumference of the circle at one point. The angle formed at the intersection of the tangent line and a radius line from the circle is a right angle (90º).

Tangent To Symbol.