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The "Cookie Clipboard" is a page that uses the "cookie" functionality of your Internet Browser to store and retrieve numeric values from the conversion and calculator pages of this site. It functions in a similar manner to the "MS Windows Clipboard", although it allows 10 items to be stored instead of one, and, as each new item is entered any existing values will be moved down the list. Retrieving values (other than the most recent) is performed by viewing the "Cookie Clipboard", and selecting the copy icon next to the required value, to move it to the top of the list, making it the most recent entry. To assist in remembering where each value came from, a description is displayed at the left hand side of each value.

See Also: Calculators Index, Conversion Units Index.

Adding Items to the Cookie Clipboard

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At the right of controls that allow interaction with the Cookie Clipboard is a copy icon , which, when clicked on will store the contents of that control as the top item.

Retrieving items from the Cookie Clipboard

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If the item required was the last entered item, it can be entered by clicking on the "Paste" icon which is located at the right of the control. If the item required is one of the other nine entries, open the Cookie Clipboard, and select the desired item, then click on the "Copy" icon to move it to the top of the list (most recent entered item), then return to the calculator / converter page and paste the item into the desired control.

Note! As the "Cookie Clipboard" opens in a new window (or tab), it can be left open to avoid having to continually navigate back and forward between pages.

Viewing the Cookie Clipboard Contents

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The Cookie Clipboard can be displayed by clicking on the "view Clipboard" icon which is located at the top of all calculator and converter pages. This opens a new instance (new "window" or new "tab" depending on your Browser.

Note! When the Cookie Clipboard is open, the values are not automatically updated on screen. (This is to avoid constantly accessing the page and unnecessarily using resources.) To retrieve the latest values, click on the "Refresh" button at the bottom of the "Cookie Clipboard" page. The page can also be refreshed by clicking on the "view Clipboard" icon from any page.

Cookie Clipboard Controls

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 Screen shot of G.I.F.T. Cookie Clipboard (Cut down)