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[Numeric Base Conversion Calculator]

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The base of a number relates to the maximum number of individual characters which can be used in each placeholder (character position). The number's base is written in subscript immediately following the last numeric digit. eg 101012. As the decimal (base 10) system is commonly used, the base suffix is not required.

Note! This calculator will only convert integer (whole) number values, however all number bases can have fractional components the same as their decimal equivalent.

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Binary (Base 2 [n2]):


Ternary (Base 3 [n3]):


Base 4 [n4]):


Quintal (Base 5 [n5]):


Octal (Base 8 [n8]):


Decimal (Base 10 [n10 or n):


Hexadecimal (Base 16 [n16]) :


Base 36 [n36]:


Enter the value in the known base control and press calculate.