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The output values of a transformer are related by the ratio of primary and secondary coils. An input and output value of the same type are required to calculate the ratio, which can then be applied to calculate the unknown value.

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R = Kpri / Ksec 
Upri = Usec / (Kpri / Ksec ) = Upri / R = Usec * (Ksec / Kpri )
Usec = Upri / (Kpri / Ksec) = Upri * R = Upri / (Ksec / Kpri )


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Upri or Kpri =  Primary variable of any of the three types
Usec or Ksec =  Secondary variable of the same type as U1
R = Ratio of primary variable to secondary variable (quantity [])

"Number of turns" values are unitless, "Electric current" values are in amperes [A], and "Electric voltage" values are in volts [V].


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Known Variables:


Kpri []:


Ksec []:




Required Variable:


Upri []:


Usec []:


Note! Set unit values prior to calculating.