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G.I.F.T. Booklets are 40 - 44 page A5 (1/2 A4 148mm wide x 214mm high) paperback booklets containing information suitable for students / trades-persons. They include a Companion CD which contain the data from the booklet in an electronic (HTML) format, and also include a selection of open source and G.I.F.T. software related to the content of the booklet.

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Booklets Currently Available

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There are several booklets that are currently available. Follow the link to the main page for a complete listing of the content of a booklet or visit the "Available Booklets" page for a brief description of all available booklets.

Computing, Engineering, Dietary, General, Sample, Measure, Mechanics.

Booklets Under Construction

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There are also several booklets currently under construction that should be released during 2008. 

Building, Electronics, Geography, Home, Math / Geometry, Physics, Primary Student, Secondary Student.

Companion CD

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There are three classes of content included on the companion CD's.

Open Source: A selection of high quality open source software which is freely available from the Internet and legally able to be distributed with the booklets. There is over 300 MB of this software which would take a considerable time to download even via a high speed Internet connection.

G.I.F.T. Software: A selection of G.I.F.T. software which is related to the content of the booklet.

Electronic Booklets: A version of the booklet (same as the hard copy) in HTML help file format and extra information (tables and graphics) related to the content.

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