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[Primary Student Booklet]

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The Primary Student Booklet contains all of the tables, and formulae required for the primary subjects presented in a manner which can be easily understood by 7 - 10 year old children. While the booklet is in its early stage of construction, the list below includes some of the topics that will be included.

Visit the "Release Dates" page for latest information on when a Booklet will be available.


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Multiplication / Division Tables (T)
Addition / Subtraction Table (GT)
Math Symbols
Order of Operation
Basic Geometry
Geometrical Construction
Number Sequences
Properties of Circles

Properties of Lines
Properties of Triangles
Properties of Quadrilaterals
Properties of Solids
Times Tables
Easy Mental Arithmetic
Grammatical Forms

Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, P = Text (Paragraphs)

Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "Primary Student Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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