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[Mechanical Booklet]

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The mechanical booklet contains data and formula frequently used by the mechanic trade. When coupled with the engineering booklet provides virtually all the required information for the metalworking trades.


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Metric Prefixes (T)
SI Base Definitions (T)
SI Derived Units (T)
Roman Numerals (T)
SI Derived Units for Human Health (T)
CGS / MKS Measurement Systems (T)
SI Quantities (T)
Imperial Measurement Systems (T)
Solution to Right Angled Triangle (GT)
Trigonometric Functions (GT)
Physical Constants (T)
Numeric Constants (T)
Preferred Numbers (T)
Mathematics Symbols (GT)
Quick Conversions (T)
Mensuration (GT)
Properties of Sections (GT)
Properties of Solids (GT)
BA Threads Torque (T)
UNF Numbered Threads Torque (T)
BSF Threads Torque (T)
BSW Threads Torque (T)
UNC Threads Torque (T)
UNF Threads Torque (T)
Metric Fine Threads Torque (T)
Metric Coarse Threads Torque (T)
Metric - Imperial Torque Conversion (T)
Tyre Markings (GT)
Belts & Bearings (GT)
Hardness Scale Comparisons (T)
Bolt Markings (GT)
Galvanic Corrosion Series (GT)
Common Knots (G)
ISO Fine External Threads (GT)
BSW External Threads (GT)
BSF External Threads (GT)
Square Thread Form (GT)
Modified Square Thread Form (GT)
BSPP External Threads (GT)
NPT External Threads (GT)
BSPT External Threads (GT)
ISO Metric Coarse Threads (GT)
BA External Threads (GT)
UNC External Threads (GT)
UNF External Threads (GT)
60º ACME Thread Form (GT)

Std ACME Thread Form (GT)
Power Thread Form (GT)
Buttress Thread Form (GT)
Spanner Dimensions (T)
Spark Test for Metals (G)
Hexagon Wrench Dimensions (GT)
Letter Drills (T)
Number Drills (T)
Std Metal Gauges (T)
Sharpening / Using Drills (GP)
Sharpening / Using Taps (GP)
Hydraulic / Pneumatic Symbols (G)
Laws of Thermodynamics (P)
Gas Laws (P)
Laws of Motion (P)
Material Properties (T)
Viscosity Comparison Chart (T)
ISO & SAE Viscosity Grades (T)
Iron Tempering Colours (T)
Steel Tempering Colours (T)
Electrical / Electronic Symbols (G)
Electronic Laws (T)
AC Voltage Formulae (T)
DC Voltage Formulae (T)
Binary Code Comparisons (T)
Resistor Colour Codes (T)
Capacitor Colour Codes (T)
Logic Truth Tables (T)
Resistance of Metals (T)
Passive Component Formulae (T)
Properties of Sections (GT)
Physics Formulae (T)
Common Chemical Compositions (T)
Recyclable Plastics (GT)
Names of Acids (T)
Oxy Acetylene Flame Temperature (GT)
Properties of Gases (T)
Properties of Solids / Liquids (T)
Welding Gas Composition (T)
Decimal Inch Equivalents (T)
Welding Cutting / Designations (T)
Welding Symbols (GT)
Hazard Symbols (GT)
Transport Safety Symbols (GT)
Fire Extinguisher Types (GT)
Resuscitation Information (GP)

 Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, XYY = Text (Paragraphs)

Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "Mechanical Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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