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[Measurement Booklet]

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The measurement booklet contains information on measurement systems and how they were devised. It includes precise numeric conversion coefficients as well as graphic scales to quickly convert between common units. Also included is a list of common numeric constants.

Visit the "Release Dates" page for latest information on when a Booklet will be available.


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Measurement Systems (P)
Metric / SI Prefixes (T)
Measurement Notation (T)
Conversions Overview (P)
Base SI Units (T)
Derived SI Units (T)
SI Quantities (T)
Angular (T)
Area (T)
Density (T)
Dynamic Viscosity (T)
Energy (T)
Force (T)
Length (T)
Heat Flux (T)
Heat Transfer (T)
Kinematic Viscosity (T)
Latent Heat (T)
Mass per Area (T)

Mass Flow (T)
Momentum (T)
Moment of Inertia (T)
Plane Angle (T)
Power (T)
Pressure (T)
Specific Heat Capacity (T)
Specific Enthalpy (T)
Surface Tension (T)
Temperature (T)
Thermal Conductivity (T)
Time (T)
Torque (T)
Velocity (T)
Volume (T)
Volumetric Flow (T)
Constants (T) 
Magnitude (GTP) 
Graphic Scales (G)

 Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, P = Text (Paragraphs)

Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "Measurement Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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