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[Math / Geometry Booklet]

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This booklet contains tables / images / definitions covering all facets of mathematics and geometry. Also included are abridged versions of sin / cosine / tangent and logarithm / antilogarithm tables.

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Math symbols (T)
Order of operation (T)
Right Triangle (GT)
Unit Circle (G)
Co-ordinate systems (GT)
Cartesian, Cylindrical, Polar (GT)
Measurement systems (T)
Axioms (P)
Properties of Points (GT)
Properties of Lines (GT)
Properties of Circles (GT)
Properties of Triangles (GT)
Properties of Quadrilaterals (GT)
Properties of Polygons (GT)
Properties of Platonic Solids (GT)

Properties of Cones (GT)
Trigonometry (GT)
Pythagorean Triplets (GT)
Centred Polygonal Numbers (GT)
Edge Aligned Polygonal Numbers (GT)
Sin Table (T)
Cosine Table (T)
Tangent Table (T)
SI Prefixes (T)
SI Units (T)
SI Quantities (T)
Numeric Constants (T)
Powers of Numbers to 50 (T)
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions (GT)

 Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, P = Text (Paragraphs)

Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "Math / Geometry Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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