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[Geography Booklet]

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The geography booklet covers all aspects of the Earth's geographic dimensional information as well as details of other planets / satellites within our solar system. Also included is information on weather, and geographic features.

Visit the "Release Dates" page for latest information on when a Booklet will be available.


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Common Geographic Map Projections (G)
Continents (T)
Time Zones (T)
Tectonic Plates (G)
Solar System Data (T)
Galaxy Classifications (T)
Composition of Planets (T)
Solar System's Natural Satellites (T)
Constellations (GT)
Planet Earth Data (T)
Earth Records (T)
Structure of the Earth (T)
Principal Elementary Particles (T)
Earth Latitude Lengths (T)
Rock Types / Minerals in the Earth's Crust (T)
Geographic Measurement (T)
Gravitational Field Strength (T)
Great Circle Routes (TP)
Country Data (T)
Weather Map Symbols (TG)
Cloud Types (GT)
Geological Time Scale (T)
Time Definitions (T)
Gemstones (T)
Beaufort Wind Scale (T)
Beaufort Weather Notation (T)
Torino Scale (T)

Fujita Tornado Scale (T)
Tropical Cyclone Categories (T)
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale (T)
Koppen Climatic Classification (T)
Thornwaite Humidity Climate Classification (T)
Thornwaite Thermal Efficiency Climatic Classification (T)
Wave Conditions (T)
Sea Conditions (T)
Moh's Hardness Scale (T)
Carbon Compounds (T)
Worlds Greatest (Superlatives) (T)
Bridges (GT)
Buildings (T)
Caves (T)
Islands (T)
Lakes (T)
Earthquakes (T)
Glaciers (T)
Mountains & Ranges (T)
Ocean Currents (T)
Ocean Depths (T)
Oceans (T)
Rivers (T)
Tunnels (T)
Volcanoes (T)
Waterfalls (T)
Wonders of the World (T)

Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, P = Text (Paragraphs)


Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "Geography Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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