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[General Information Booklet]

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G.I.F.T. General Knowledge Booklet is a compilation of the most common information from a variety of the G.I.F.T. Booklets.
An on-line version of this booklet can be opened and the pages printed from the Browser.


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Metric Prefixes (T)
SI Derived Units (T)
SI Base Definitions (T)
Roman Numerals (T)
SI Units for Human Health (T)
CGS / MKS Measurement Systems (T)
SI Derived Quantities from base (T)
Imperial Measurement Systems (T)
Quick Conversions (T)
Properties of Lines (GT)
Properties of Angles (GT)
Properties of Triangles (GT)
Properties of Quadrilaterals (GT)
Properties of Circles (GT)
Properties of Conic Sections (GT)
Properties of Platonic Solids (GT)
Mathematical Symbols (GT)
Mathematics Laws (T)
Easy Mental Arithmetic (T)
Solution to Right Triangle (GT)
Trigonometric Functions (GT)
Physical Constants (T)
Numeric Constants (T)
Mensuration (T)
Types of Loci (G)
Special Geometric Ratios (GT)
Physics Symbols (T)
Physics Formula (T)
Periodic Table of the Elements (T)
Electrical / Electronic Symbols (GT)
Electronic Laws (T)
AC Voltage Formulae (T)
DC Voltage Formulae (T)
Binary Code Comparisons (T)
Resistor Colour Codes (T)
Capacitor Colour Codes (T)
Logic Truth Tables (T)
Resistance of Metals (T)
Passive Component Formulae (T)
DIN Connections (G)
PC Connections (G)
Category 5 Cabling (G)
Audio Connectors (G)
Telephone Connections (G)
Common Speaker Connections (G)
ASCII Control Codes (T)
RS 232 Connections (T)
Waveshapes Relationships (GT)
Electromagnetic Waves (GT)
Electronic Component Packages (G)
Welding / Cutting Designations (T)
Welding Symbols (GT)
Oxy-Acetylene Flame Temperature (GT)
Properties of Gases (T)
Properties of Solids / Liquids (T)
Welding Gas Composition (T)
Decimal Inch Equivalents (T)
BSPP External Threads (GT)
NPTT External Threads (GT)
ISO Metric Coarse External Threads (GT)
BSPT External Threads (GT)
ISO Metric Fine External Threads (GT)
BSW External Threads (GT)
BSF External Threads (GT)
Standard Square Thread Form (GT)
Modified Square Thread Form (GT)
BA External Threads (GT)
UNC External Threads (GT)
UNF External Threads (GT)
60º ACME Thread Form (GT)
Standard ACME Thread Form (GT)
Letter Drills (T)
Number Drills (T)
Standard Metal Gauges (T)
Twist Drill Sharpening (GT)

Hardness Scale Comparisons (T)
Bolt Markings (G)
Galvanic Corrosion Series (T)
Common Knots (G)
ISO Tolerance Symbols (G)
Common Steel Sections (G)
Surface Finish Symbols (G)
Bend Allowance (G)
Sheet Metal Joins (G)
Machining Lay Symbols (G)
Drawing Projection Types (G)
Hydraulic / Pneumatic Symbols (G)
Gas Laws (T)
Laws of Thermodynamics (T)
Laws of Motion (T)
Timber Joints (G)
Common Sandpaper Grades (T)
Common Masonry Sizes (T)
DAR Timber Sizes (T)
Common Timber Properties (T)
Timber Screws (T)
Common Nail Types (GT)
Common Timber Mouldings (GT)
Common Fasteners (GT)
Food Additive Numbers (T)
Food Nutritional Information (T)
Flow Chart Symbols (G)
MS Windows Shortcut Keys (T)
Computer Fonts & Codes (GT)
Musical Key Signatures (G)
Musical Time Signatures (G)
Musical Cycle of Keys (G)
Musical Note Symbols (G)
Musical Dynamic Symbols (G)
Musical Staff Clefs (G)
Musical Navigation Symbols (G)
Musical Tempo Definitions (G)
Piano Note Frequencies (T)
Decibel Scale (T)
Sound Absorption Coefficients (T)
Touch Tone Frequencies (T)
Music Chord Types (T)
Pitch Range of Instruments (GT)
Musical Definitions (P)
Musical Chromatic Intervals (T)
Musical Scale Intervals (T)
Body Mass Index (T)
Temperature Scales (G)
Wind Chill Factor (T)
UV Index (T)
Beaufort Wind Scale (T)
Fujita Tornado Scale (T)
Gemstones (T)
Moh's Hardness Scale (T)
Classes of Lever (G)
Solar System Data (T)
Planet Earth Data (T)
Time Definitions (T)
Geological Time Scale (T)
World Facts (T)
Weather Map Symbols (GT)
World Time Zones (G)
Anniversary Gifts (T)
World Power Connections (GT)
Mariners Compass (G)
Composition of Air (T)
Zodiac Signs (GT)
Paper Sizes (T)
Birthstones / Birth Flowers (T)
Greek Alphabet (T)
Alphabets (T)
Hazard Symbols (GT)
Transport Safety Symbols (GT)
Fire Extinguisher Types (GT)
Resuscitation Information (GP)

 Legend T = Tabular, G = Graphic, P = Text (Paragraphs)

Companion CD

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Includes an electronic version of the "General Booklet" and additional data in Microsoft Compiled Hypertext Markup (chm) format, as well as an off line version of the G.I.F.T. web site, and additional third party / G.I.F.T. Software.

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