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A large collection of on-line data tables/lists, calculators, interactive javascript pages, and measurement unit converters.

Data Index
Calculator Index
Interactive Data Index
Lists Index
Table Index
Unit Converter Index


Tutorials / Reference

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Electronic reference / tutorials for various levels of computing.

Tutorials Index
Introduction to Computers
(Free downloadable version)
General Computing Reference
Advanced Computing Reference




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A5 Size pocket handbooks designed for students, trades persons, apprentices. Booklets include a companion CD with G.I.F.T.applications and Open Source software.

Booklets Index
G.I.F.T. General (Free on-line version)
G.I.F.T. Computing
G.I.F.T. Dietary
G.I.F.T. Engineering
G.I.F.T. Measurement
G.I.F.T. Mechanical

 Digital image of a G.I.F.T. Tutorial CD



Screenshots of Various G.I.F.T. Software Applications

Applications and utilities for the MS Windows Platform. All applications are free for individual personal use.

General Software Index
G.I.F.T. Booter
G.I.F.T. Character Map
G.I.F.T. Colour
G.I.F.T. Converter Item is still under construction.
G.I.F.T. Font Item is still under construction.
G.I.F.T. Food Item is still under construction.
G.I.F.T. Geek Speak Item is still under construction.
G.I.F.T. Runner
G.I.F.T. Table
G.I.F.T. World Clock
G.I.F.T. Sourcerer Item is still under construction.

Item is still under construction. = Under Construction. Testing versions available on request.